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I invite you to explore my journey, a mosaic of experiences and insights, as we embark on a shared path towards self-discovery and organizational excellence. As a multifaceted entrepreneur, professional, and dedicated mother of two biracial children, my journey is a testament to resilience, empathy, and leading with love. I bring a unique blend of expertise to the table, guided by my core values of empathy and love.

With a degree in Marketing Management and Communications, coupled with an ICF ACC accreditation and certifications in Emotional Intelligence Coaching, Positive Psychology, and Coaching Equity, I've cultivated a deep understanding of human behavior and emotions. My journey has also seen me embrace creativity through a fashion design diploma and makeup artistry certification, adding a dynamic dimension to my skill set.

Throughout my career, I've navigated various industries, from the federal government to the fashion and tech sectors. In roles such as Marketing Manager for a Microsoft partner, I've honed my leadership abilities, successfully managing teams, budgets, and projects with a strategic mindset. Rooted in empathy and leading with love, I strive to foster inclusive environments where individuals are empowered to thrive and contribute their unique talents.

Behind the accolades lies a story of personal triumph over adversity. Having overcome several traumatic experiences (including sexual assault, miscarriage, emotional abuse, and a car accident while 8 months pregnant, that left me with chronic pain), I've emerged stronger and more resilient.

Through these challenges, I've gleaned invaluable insights, understanding that while pain may be inevitable, it is our response that defines us. I've learned that honoring our emotions, navigating grief in its own time, and recognizing the power of choice are integral to our healing journey. Perhaps, as I reflect, these trials were opportunities for growth, lessons entrusted to me so that I may emerge not only resilient but also empathetic and understanding of others' struggles.

In essence, my journey embodies the belief that resilience is not merely bouncing back from adversity but also harnessing the lessons learned to propel oneself forward. It is this ethos, grounded in empathy and leading with love, that underpins my approach to both professional endeavors and personal growth. Driven by a passion for helping others discover their purpose and voice, I am committed to creating spaces where individuals can explore their potential, embrace their authenticity, and ultimately, lead and live with meaning and fulfillment.

To reach this point in my journey, the practices of yoga, pilates, and meditation have been instrumental in managing chronic pain and healing trauma. Through a journey marked by moments of not feeling safe and being dismissed, I discovered a profound truth: there is indeed a possibility of healthy love and intimacy after trauma. I am steadfast in my commitment to raising my children to fully know and embrace their identities. Navigating the complexities of race, culture, healing from trauma, and managing chronic pain with grace and resilience is not merely a challenge, but a testament to my unwavering determination, strength and capacity for love.

Here's a little glimpse into my lighter side: I harbor a secret love for journals and stationery (can one ever have too many?). Whether the sun graces the sky or raindrops dance, you'll find me by the ocean – toes in the sand on sunny days and cozied up in my car, waves serenading me on rainy ones, likely with an R&B playlist setting the mood.

Join me in this space of calm, presence, trust, relatability, joy, and love. Together, let's unlock your full potential, foster growth, and cultivate a harmonious balance between personal and organizational success.

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