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Are you looking to find more connection, joy and purpose? Joanna will help bring you into the present, break cycles, and discover what's missing by moving from perfection to humanness... let's chat. 

Joanna is an ICF ACC credentialed and Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach, Certified EQ Assessor and Facilitator who draws on her life skills and experience,  in addition to her professional experience in a variety of industries, to support leaders of all kinds to uncover what may be holding them back from all they desire. Her lifelong purpose  is to foster Empathy, Love and Kindness for a deeper understanding and connection with ourselves and others, to ripple those values out into the world for greater equity and joy in our human experience. 



With her  deep knowledge in Emotional Intelligence, Positive Psychology and Brené Brown’s research on courage, vulnerability and compassion, Joanna uses her genuine, compassionate and open approach to honour her clients unique perspectives and cultivate awareness . Her strength in coaching is her natural ability to listen and make heart- connections. She brings a gentle calm and reflective approach to explore conversations that deepen self awareness and foster growth. She’s been told her genius is being present, which for her clients means a sacred space where she is right there with them, meeting them where they are at. For herself, her ability to be present means finding joy in all life has to offer with a trust for every next step

  • I am honored to be here to meet you where you are and elevate your journey with Emotional Intelligence-based coaching. Dive deep into your goals, navigate change, and make empowered decisions by unlocking the emotions driving your challenges and transforming them into power to take actionable steps for sustainable transformation.

    One on one or group coaching programs available.

    Areas of focus include:

    • Leadership 

    • Personal Growth 

    • Relationship

    • Youth

  • I am grateful to share Emotional Intelligence based training and workshops to support practicing EQ in community and deepening awareness and understanding of ourselves and others

    Offerings include:

    • EQ Cafe’s - Free quarterly workshops to practice and deepen EQ skills and be in community.

    • The themes for this year - Unwinding Anxiety, From Reaction to Response, Powered by Purpose. 

    • Workshops - Virtual and In Person, topics include 

    • communication, wellbeing, purpose, empathy and  more- have a request… let me know.

    • EQ Gym bookclub - a 6 week exploration of the 8 EQ competencies of the Six Seconds model. Using a workbook we walk through exercises and reflections, deepening skills and awareness. 

    • Triangles of Success - a 3 hour workshop designed for the heart-centered leader ready to elevate their approach to success, using EQ,  while nurturing their own well-being.

  • I am delighted to share Emotional Intelligence skill development with youth, using a creative approach where fun and collaboration lead the way. I learn just as much as I have the privilege to share. 

    Offerings include:

    • Creative activities with a coach approach either one to one or as a group

    • POP UP festival - November each year

  • I am equipped to deliver  Level A and Level B certified psychometric assessments. Whether professionally debriefed or self-explored these allow you to gain crucial insights into your personality and strengths, enhancing your coaching experience and accelerating progress towards your goals.

    Offerings include:

    • SEI Leadership report - a snapshot in time of how you are using your EQ for leadership

    • SEI Developments report - are you new to EQ, view a snapshot of your EQ skill set and leverage a roadmap of how to develop what will support you to reach desired success. 

    • Brain Profiles - a peek into your communication style, your strengths or a combo

    • DISC taking flight - communication style- The DISC profile translated into an easy to understand comparison to Eagles, Parrots, Doves and Owls. Which one or combo are you?

    • SEQ - Spiritual Emotional Intelligence- a picture of how you view your sense of belonging- belonging to yourself, belonging with others and belonging in the greater world. What is working and where do you desire to evolve?

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